Monday, June 2, 2014

My Favorite Spring/Summer Trend and Health Update!!

Health Update

Hello Fashionistas!!!

I'm so sorry that I haven't posted in a few days. I suffer from Chronic headaches and nothing has helped. My neurologist recently started me on nerve block injections, and they have helped tremendously. I couldn't go a day without a headache, but now I can actually go full weeks without even a twinge of pain. Unfortunately, my last injection is wearing off today, but thankfully I'll be receiving another one Thursday!!! 

So let's get down to business.

Kimonos, Kimonos, Kimonos!!! 

 As I've gone out to do things from shopping to going to the doctor, I've seen kimonos everywhere. Even travelling long distances they're really  popular in so many different cities and states. I really think this trend is to die for. They can be worn with almost anything, and I have so many outfit ideas to pair them with. They're perfect for the rainy spring days and light enough for the sweltering summers. The best thing is: They come in so many different prints and styles!!! I can't wait to try out this amazing trend.

As you can see, kimonos can be dressed up or down by simply choosing the right style. Here are some of my favorite, affordable pieces:

Florals are perfect for spring and summer, and this kimono has really cute lace trim. You can pair it with a pair of cute jeans and a basic tank or a party dress for a night out.

Lace-trim floral kimono: Forever 21 and, $19.80

Another great option is this rose print maxi kimono. It's chic and can be worn casually or formally. Chiffon is light and perfect in blocking the sun. Plus, this cutie can also double as a robe!!

Rose print maxi kimono:, $24.80

I love everything about this kimono!! Especially the flowy, asymmetrical back. It's chiffon and of course floral print. I would definitely pair this with a cute pair of high waisted shorts or jeans and a cute cropped tank. For a more dressy feel, pair this with a cute midi dress or skirt. 

Sheer floral print kimono top:, $24.99

What do you ladies think of this trend and what would you pair it with? 

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you all have an amazing day!!!



  1. I'm sorry for your headaches darling!
    I love kimono trend, great selection!
    Kisses from Italy!

    1. Thank you, Paola!!! I always love reading your comments.