Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Health Update and Fall Look Book Ideas

Health Update

Hello Fashionistas!!

I hope everyone is doing well. Sorry I haven't posted in a while. You all know that I suffer from chronic migraines, and my nerve block injections haven't helped as much as they should. There was also a couple of periods of time where I was unresponsive, so I had to have a series of tests done, and my results came back positive for focal seizures. I've only started having them recently, so my doctor said that they could be caused from my combination of medications, plus my main medication is primarily used to treat seizures and secondarily used to treat headaches. I'm doing well so far with the new medications, so hopefully everything will keep going well and the seizures will stop.

Fall Look Book

I'm really excited that Fall is here. Well, only in name, because it's still a blazing ninety degrees here in Texas. Not to worry though, temperatures will begin to drop soon, and so will the beautiful leaves. The month of October, some of my blog posts will be a little different. I will be doing many of my very own OOTD posts (YAY!) just because I love the outdoors during Fall, and I will also be wearing a lot of pink because October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month (not to mention I want to show off my killer boot collection :)!!)

Also, If you're like me, I like to plan my outfits the night before, so that I won't spend ridiculous amounts of time getting ready. I believe in only spending about 15 minutes to get ready, and then I'm out the door for school and/or work. Putting your outfit together the night before saves time, and you definitely won't have to rush or be late.

Here are some outfits for those early not so cold Fall days to save you some time:

I hope you all enjoyed this post. If you're having trouble viewing anything on this page, check out my back up blog, I Am Fashion. Please stay tuned for my next post. Thank you all for visiting, and have a lovely week.