Tuesday, May 20, 2014

How to Wear your Hair When Working Out!!!

With summer and the really nice shorts and romper weather coming, many girls want to be or remain in tip top shape. Believe it or not, over 60% of women say they don't workout because they don't want to ruin their hair. The prices to get your hair done professionally can be very expensive, and ruining your hair during a workout is a huge waste of money. 

How to maintain your style after working out:

While working out, the scalp is going to sweat which heats up the roots. Your hair will take the shape of the style that you have it in while working out, so think about how you wish to wear your hair afterwards. 

If you have a straight style, pull your hair into a low ponytail using a ribbon tie elastic to avoid the dent that regular elastic bands leave. 

If you would like your hair more wavy after working out, braid your hair into a fishtail from mid-length to end, and tie your hair with a ribbon elastic.

For loose curls with a lot of volume, go for a high bun (once again using a ribbon elastic) making sure your hair isn't slicked back, which causes your hair to flatten. 

If you have naturally curly or wavy hair, opt for a braided or twisted style since the hair will coil up even more after sweating. 

Also use a sports/sweat headband (for each style) instead of a regular headwrap. 

Ribbon elastics come in many cute prints, and you can usually get them for around $4-$5 for a pack of 5 or more. 

Ribbon elastics: Target and Target.com, Goody: $4, Remington: $5

You can also purchase many different prints and styles of sports headbands. They soak up sweat really well and many of them are reversible. I love the Goody brand.

Goody Athletique Reversible Quick dry Multi-colored headband: Target and Target.com, $5.

If washing your hair after a workout ruins your style or if you just don't feel like it, spray a little dry shampoo or a powdery based spray onto your hair. This keeps your hair smelling nice and leaves your hair looking fresh. 
Dove Dry Shampoo Invigorating: Target and Target.com, $3.94

How do you ladies style your hair when working out?

Thank you all for stopping by. I really hope you enjoyed this post. Please feel free to leave your comments and questions below. Happy Tuesday!!!



  1. Great tips and lovely hairstyle!!!!
    Happy wed darling!!!

  2. Great post honey and very helpful tips. Thx for sharing.