Monday, September 16, 2013

Like the Sun

Hello guys!!! I hope you all are having a fabulous, fashion forward day!

 As summer gets ready to close, I am getting a lot of use out of all of my cute summer wear. I recently went on a date, and at first I was panicking over what to wear. I looked everyone for the perfect outfit and finally headed to my favorite store, Charlotte Russe. I really love this skater dress. The color is amazing, and I love the cut out sides and sheer neck. I usually don't wear dresses, but I just fell in love with this one. For starters, I had no idea what type of shoes and accessories I should pair with the dress. I wanted to achieve looking cute while still being casual and comfortable.I browsed through my closet for about an hour, and found a pair of the cutest denim flats! Then it hit me: Denim would look so great with this bright yellow!!!

 Dress: Charlotte Russe, Denim Flats:, Denim Headband: DIY, Pearl Necklace and Bracelet: F21

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and my outfit :). Please, don't hesitate to tell me your thoughts. I hope the rest of your day is amazing. My next post will contain:

-Look of the Day
-Fall Nail Trends
-Fashion Haul part 1
-My Fall Favorites

Thank you for all of your support!!


Monday, September 9, 2013

Fall Favorites!

Hello Fashionistas!!

I hope everyone is having a great day so far. I'm still super excited for the Fall season, and I can't wait to try out some of the hottest trends. Fall is a really busy season, from school to work to parties and casual outings, but you can also make this time of year fun and fashion forward with cool makeup ideas, study habits, and the cutest, most useful accessories.

Fall's hottest makeup looks: 

Color is definitely big for the Fall season. While browsing fashion mags, and runway collections, I chose the most popular looks for Fall.


Bright Cat-eyes: Cat-eyes have been popular for a number of seasons now, but this Fall, change up your look by adding colorful cat-eyes or glitter. 
Orange-y Shadow: I love orange eyeshadow!! It's a great choice for Fall and it's super cute. Try adding orange shadow to make a brownish outfit pop. 

Red lips: I've never tried red lips before, but I've seen some great hues on the Fall runways that would look great for anyone. I would pair this trend with a LBD and red pumps. 

Prune Eyes: This Fall is all about purple. A deep brownish purple to be exact. Prune isn't always a pretty color, but on the eyes is great and a perfect choice for fall.  

Useful Study Habits: 

Being a college student and majoring in one of the hardest fields: Biology, it can often get difficult to find a helpful study pattern that yields results. When I first started college, I tried several different study habits, but I was finally able to find a useful one!! :) Here are my tips to you. Studying is different for everyone, so I hope that some of my tips will be helpful to you. 

Set a positive mood for studying: by setting a positive mood, I schedule a productive time to study (a time where I will get the most done without getting distracted) and find a suitable place ( such as a quiet room). 

Various study activities: includes not just reading, but also group discussions and hands-on work.

Organize: organization is very important. I organize and centralize notes and assignments in both a notebook and a folder on my computer.

Review and Evaluate: Each week I dedicate a short time to review notes and assignments and then evaluate my progress. 

Review before lecture: Before each class or study session, I review the assignments and notes.

Mark: I mark information that I don't understand and seek alternatives (textbook, experts, websites) to help. 

Reward: After acing a test, I reward myself by going shopping. 

Cutest and Most Useful Accessories/Supplies

I've recently discovered many cute useful everyday things from phone accessories to kitchen utensils.

eForCity Plush cell phone holder: I bought this cute little plush from on sale: 2 for $3. The regular price is $3.36 ea. They fit many phone models, and they're sold in blue, yellow, green, and pink. 
Lisa Frank Folders: For a long time I couldn't find a Lisa Frank folder anywhere, and when I did, they were selling for around $13!! I'm so happy Walmart has begun selling them again!! They're super cute, girly, and fun.
Folders: Walmart and .97 cents each.

DIY Wooden Spoons: I discovered how to do these spoons on a DIY site. They are too cute and, they really brighten up any kitchen. all you need is paint and a paintbrush. Different types of paint works, but I like the Martha Stewart pastel brand. 
spoons: Walmart prices vary.  Any type of paint. Martha Stewart brand: Michael's $4.80 each.

Look of the Day:

With all of the cool Fall trends, it's hard to choose just one look. Today I picked the Military trend.
Photo from
I really love this look. I love the combat boots and the colors. Why not kill two birds with one stone and add a pair of trendy sneaker wedges to complete the look. 

These gorgeous sneaker wedges would go great with the military trend and the color is right on. 
Take Off Wedge Sneaker: on sale for $22.99 at 

I hope you guys enjoyed today's post. Please leave your feedback and feel free to ask questions. My next post will contain: 

Look of the Day

Fall Nail Trends

Fall Fashion Haul 1

Thanks for all of your support, and please stay tuned for my next post. 

Au Revoir,

Bree :) 





Saturday, September 7, 2013

Fall, Fall, Fall Oh How I Love Thee!!

Bonjour Tout le Monde!!

I hope everyone is having an amazing day so far!! I know I am. I'm feeling better, and I'm happy to post again. Let's talk about the greatest season: Fall. I Just love Fall. The weather is amazing, and the fashion is even better. With the versatility of Fall, may Summer and Spring staples can be transitioned into the season. So let's get started!


Eye Catching Outerwear: I really love color and detail, so adding an eye-popping piece to a low key outfit is always great. 

I really love how Emmy Rossum added this bright blazer to a rather simple outfit. It made it super elegant but still fun.

Here's the look for less:
blazer: $28.41, white burnout v-neck top: $12.95, dark wash boot cut jeans: $35.00, brown oxford flats: Shoe Cafe $24.99, Madison lack satchel: Jessica Simpson $75.00 

Sneaker Wedges: OMG!! My fave trend right now! :) Sneaker wedges have been a major trend since spring, and they're still really popular for fall. I can't wait to bring out my pea coats and trenches and pair them with a nice pair of sneaker wedges. They're super comfortable and a great alternative to flats. You can either dress them up or down for the perfect look. To wear sneaker wedges for Fall, pair them with a cute sweater over a denim button down and some nice skinnies. 
Miranda Kerr is an amazing model and fashionista. She's so gorgeous that she would look great in anything, but I really loved this look. The outfit is casual and the sneaker wedges add a pop of color making the outfit fun. I believe this is the look that first hooked me into the sneaker wedge trend. I even love the side braid that she chose making the outfit all the more cool. What a great choice for Fall.

Here's the look for less: 
denim button down top: $27.30, skinny jeans: $45.00, sweater: $28.00, sneaker wedges: $32.99

Peplum: I totally love almost anything that's peplum. It's a great look for school, work, or a night out. There are so many great options from peplum tops to peplum skirts or pants. Peplum is super hot and adorable. I can't wait to pair a peplum top with a cute bright cardi this Fall!!
I love this look from Kim Kardashian. Her shape is perfect for a peplum top, and she balanced the leather out really nicely with the smoky skinnies. For the cooler days of Fall, I would pair this outfit with a cute cardi. 

Here's the look for less: 
Lust leather peplum: $22.80, gray zipper pocket cropped skinny jeans: $35.00, Snakeskin bag: $39.95, gray pointed-toe heels: $22.00, bib necklace: $14.00

Military inspired: I admit that I wasn't a huge fan of the military look at first, but I began to see more and more pieces designed for "real people" instead of the runway. I really love the safari like colors and the cuts. I think this will be a great Fall trend because  the colors match the season perfectly. 
I really liked this look. I don't care for the ripped top, so I would just choose a regular top in the same color and longer pants. On the look for less that I put together, I changed added a few of my own touches. I couldn't find a cardi with cute shoulder detail like the one pictured above, but there are some really cool DIY chains that I've bought many times that you can add to your clothing. You can make collars out of them or anything else, so the chains would look great if added to the shoulders of a jacket. 

Here's the look for less:
Military jacket: $35.00, top: $18.00, DKNY leggings: Macy's $59.00, DIY chains (pack of 5): $18.00, combat boots: $42.00

Cute hair looks for Fall:
When it comes to looking your best, hair plays a major role. I believe that hair is an accessory that completes your entire look. There are certain hairstyles that will either make or break your outfit. Popular hair trends that are great to try for fall are:

Low Ponies: When I straighten my hair out, my go to look is usually always a low ponytail. They're easy, cute, and fun. 
Side faux bang: I love this look. It's super cute, and it gives a mysterious vibe without having to cut your hair. 
The wet look: This look is really cute and perfect for the woman on the go. Being a curly haired woman, I often wash-n-go and I love the look and feel of my hair. 
For the Naturalistas:
Natural hair is still really popular and there are so many looks that never go out of style. 

The 'fro: I really love just wearing my curly hair in this style and adding a bow or flower to it. It's fun, flirty, and cute. 
Fauxhawk: I've never tried this style before. I'm not a fan of mohawks or fauxhawks, but I've seen several women who've made this style cute and flirty.
 Great Workouts:
I love to workout. Not just to stay fit, but I genuinely love the feeling of working out my muscles and feeling the burn from a great workout. I really love dance workouts. Workouts tend to work differently for everyone, but some of my faves that are fun and show results for me are:

Hip Hop Abs: Shaun T is a genius for coming up with such a fun dance routine that really gets your abs going. 

Flirty Girl Fitness: I really love Flirty Girl. It's intense, fun, and sexy all in one! This workout has sections targeted at each of your body parts, and it really works. The second disk of the workout is called Video Vixen. It's a really cool dance routine, but it still works your body, targeting each of your muscles like a regular exercise routine. 

Bellydancing: Bellydancing is hands down my all time favorite workout. It's fun and sexy, but your entire body can feel that you actually exercised once you're done. The costumes are cute and the music is amazing. I've been bellydancing for around 9 years now, and I can't get enough!! Some of my favorite performers and fitness instructors are, Rania, Aubre, and Suhaila Salimpour.

Tae-bo: Nothing gets me motivated like Billy Blanks. Tae-bo is a fun kickboxing-like workout that really gets you pumped up. This workout is crazy intense but it's super fun and you get great results.

Well, that's it for now. I hope you guys enjoyed this post. This is what will be in the upcoming post:

-Makeup trends to try
- The look of the day
-Great study habits for students
-the cutest accessories

I hope everyone has an amazing day. Please feel free to comment and ask questions. Thanks guys!!

Au Revoir,

Bree :) 


Friday, September 6, 2013

I'm Back!!! :)

Bonjour Tout le monde!!

I'm so sorry that I haven't posted anything in over a year. I've had some medical issues, and my college schedule has been hectic, but it's great to say that I'm BACK!! lol My first "real" post will be about fashion for my favorite season: FALL. There are so many cool trends that would be great for the upcoming fall season.

The post will consist of:

- My Favorite Fall Looks along with Celeb outfits and the look-for-less pics.
- Fall makeup colors and trends
- Fitness tips and what gets me PUMPED UP!!
- Fall hair trends
-Nail trends 

I hope you guys forgive me for being away for so long, and please enjoy my next post.

Au Revoir,