Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Shoes, Bags, and all the Glam

Hi guys!! I recently did a review for the wonderful shoes sites and They provide a great selection of shoes, handbags, and jewelry for the great price of $39.95 at both sites. You get a great celebrity stylist and handpicked items just for you. Both stores also have mobile sites that give you all of your selections plus the popular picks, and you can purchase right on your mobile phone. I was actually pleased with both sites although, there were some minor problems and differences.
First: Shoe Dazzle had a more specific style quiz, and actually provided you with your style profile/type (such as youthful, femme, flirtatious). I liked how they provided more questions and choices than did Just Fabulous.
Second: While Shoe Dazzle has a sometimes better selection, Just fabulous had more things to offer. You can purchase Shoes, Bags and Jewelry (the same as Shoe Dazzle), but they also provide denim in all different washes and fits. also has something called 'Fab Finds' where you can get great deals on name brand products ( such as Sensa weight loss kit) for the same price of $39.95 for that day. There is a new product every day.
Third: The stylists at Shoe Dazzle not only handpick your items, but they will also give you tips on how to wear the items.
Fourth: After making your first purchase, once you get your handpicked selections for the next month, you have a 5 day time frame to buy or skip the month. Both sites will charge your credit card for the next month selections if you fail to buy and item and actually log onto the sites to skip the month. Your card is charged $39.95 and it buys you one credit that you can purchase items with the next month. I didn't like this because sometimes schedules are so hectic ( like mine: college and work) that you may forget to click skip this month. I think that you should be able to purchase anytime you want, and 5 days is not a very long time to give someone to think about if they want to purchase or not.

Valentine's day is coming up, so my next few posts will be about Valentine's fashion tips, gifts, and cool places that make great dates. Thanks for your time

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