Thursday, June 5, 2014

Trend Alert: All White

Hello Fashionistas!!! I just received my latest nerve block injection and, boy, am I feeling a lot better. :) I want to thank everyone for your sweet comments on my previous post. 


Lately, I've seen many street style and runway outfits with all white elements. I must say that I really do like the trend. I think white is classic and timeless, and an all white look paired with a colored blazer/jacket would work amazingly for any occasion. I'm very impressed with the ladies that can pull off an all white look and keep everything nice and clean (with not even a speck of dirt) the entire day. I really do like the trend, and I definitely will attempt to try this trend out. Walking back and forth to class and going to the bioengineering lab everyday I always find dirt somewhere on me, but I'm definitely going to challenge myself to pull this trend off.

When going for white, I believe that you can't go wrong with a white piece in every thing. White dresses, white shoes, white shirts, everything just works with white!!!! 

White is perfect for any occasion. I really love this crocheted tunic. This would be perfect for the beach.

Crochet Swing Tunic: Asos, $80.03

I really love cardigans. I think that a woman should have a cardi in every color. This is a basic white cardigan, but the lace back makes this cardi so unique and feminine. 

Lace Back Linen Cardigan: Forever 21, $17.80]

I love embroidered things, and this dress is so cute that it should be illegal. This dress is fun and light. It's perfect for any occasion and very trendy for summer. 

Embroidered Lace Dress: Forever 21, $27.80

Peasant tops are super cute and comfortable. I really love that this one is lowy and simple yet very elegant and cute. 

Embroidered Peasant top: Forever 21, $19.80

I really love shorts. It's always hard to find an extremely comfortable pair, but these are cute, lightweight and PLEATED!!! Pleated shorts are extremely cute and trendy for summer, and this white pair can be worn with anything. 

Classic Pleated Woven Short:, $15.80

What do you ladies think of this trend? How would you wear it? 

I hope everyone enjoyed today's post. I really love hearing your feedback. I hope you all have a wonderful day. 



  1. I love total white looks..... so fresh, elegant and perfect for summer!!!!
    Happy friday doll!!!!

  2. Morning doll!!!
    Have a great end of the week!!!

  3. Happy WE darling... see too soon!!!!