Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Saint-Valentin Rouge

Valentine's Day was yesterday and love was all around. How did you spend the day? What did your loved ones get you? but most of all WHAT DID YOU WEAR? 
   This is an outfit that I quickly put together yesterday. Seeing that I'm single, I wore a simple t-shirt that reads I love me. I had a blast being single hanging out with friends. The shirt is from Wet Seal for about $7. The wide leg trousers are True Religion. They were on sale for $85. The sequin headband: Charlotte Russe. 
 this super cute bracelet looks expensive and sweet, but I bought it from Wet Seal for only $7
 These red slingback pumps are really comfortable and affordable: Candies at Kohls.

I totally love this necklace. I actually got it as a gift a few years ago, but I usually only wear it for special occasions. It was bought from Kohls.
Bree (glam fairy)

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